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For two generations, spanning 70 years of experience in licorice research and production, we have developed a unique knowledge of the plant and its properties. As a result, we market the highest quality products, but are still able to maintain very competitive prices.
We are committed to customer satisfaction and meeting their tastes.

Unlike some other producers, our production process is entirely natural. Firstly we select the best licorice roots, with high Glycyrrhizine levels. These are sun dried, and while still fresh and full of flavour, transformed into fibres. These are then mashed to produce a powder which forms the basis of one of our most enduringly popular syrup drinks, "Ramzy Licorice".

We follow the Swiss 'cold water' method to prepare our concentrated licorice syrup. Fresh roots are emulsified with the water. This withdraws the sweet and active ingredients, but leaves other undesirable substances in the roots, which are then discarded. The extract is then pasteurized and concentrated at temperatures which preserve the active ....

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